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Bio Proximity Access Control System

Bio Proximity Access Control System
Bio Proximity Access Control System
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Businesses especially Retail Outlets including Jewellers, high valued inventory stores, boutiques are inevitably becoming more aware of the importance of remotely monitored alarm systems, with a higher degree of accessibility to crime reports and statistics. Besides, they are well aware that their businesses are vulnerable to criminal activities even with the presence of their current security set-up.

Consequently, more and more people are considering the right security solution to protect and benefit their stores during the non operational period.

An Alarm System backed by Emergency Response Management such as Zicom’s Alarm System can be a highly effective deterrent; 99% of burglars say they would be discouraged from targeting a retail outlet if they knew it had an Alarm System.

By opting for Zicom’s Alarm System backed by the Command Centre’s Emergency Response Management businesses are ensuring that their property is watched over 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our Services also doubles up as a Business Intelligence tool giving Retail outlets MIS on the opening / closing of their stores thereby enabling business owners to ensure store discipline even when they are not physically present.


12 operating mode: fingerprint + password + card; fingerprint + card

2Transaction capacity of upto 50000 records

3Access capacity of 10000 cards

4Storage capacity of 1500 passwords and 1500 fingerprint templates

5Scratch proof optical sensor

6Operates standalone without a computer

7Real-time 1-touch data export to 3rd party hosted / non-hosted applications

8Audio-visual indications for acceptance / rejection of valid ./ invalid fingerprints


Operating System:Linux 0/S
Operating temperature:0°C ~ 45°C
Operating Humidity:20% ~ 80%
Housing Material:ABS
Power Requirement:12V DC
I/O Interface:RS 232 (10m) / RS 485 (1.2 km)
Ethernet:10/100 M
Weigand Output:

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