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GBC Swingline LS32-30

GBC Swingline LS32-30
GBC Swingline LS32-30
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Production Shredders

GBC offers over 70 years experience in designing and producing top-quality shredders. GBC production shredders come with a complete three-years warranty (with lifetime warranty on cutting heads), and GBC has the industry's only on-site factory service program plus hundreds of servicing dealers. 

Electronic Production shredders are powerful and designed for heavy office or company use. They feature:
  • Continuous Duty Motors
  • The exclusive Jam-Stopper Electronics - provides:
    • Solid one-piece cutting head to handle staples and paper clips.
    • Bag-Full Sensor to shut off shredder before back-end jams occur.
    • Auto Stop on Jam to minimize motor wear and tear.
  • Deep, funnel-shaped throat - simplifies paper feeding by accommodating oversized sheets and disorganized stacks.
  • Automatic On/Off - provides convenient one-handed operation.
  • Large Shred Bins - allow for long runs between bag changes and casters provide easy mobility.

GBC Swingline LS32-30

Strip Cut Production Paper Shredder
"Ideal for centralized office use by multiple users in a department or company for higher security."

The GBC Swingline LS32-30 is the perfect shredding solution for a large group of people. Its robust performance makes it perfect to be used in departments. It has a sheet capacity of 32, a steady rate of 21fpm, and standard security level of 2. The trash bin capacity is 30 gallons. It works quietly so that you are not bothered while it's doing its job. Its Jam-Free technology prevents hassle and clutter. The LS32-30 is an Eco-Friendly shredder that sports Auto-Shutdown feature.

  • A Security level 2 shredder that is perfect for non-confidential documents.
  • Strip-cut shredder for shredding non-confidential documents.
  • Durable cutters shred paper, cds, dvds and credit cards.
  • Shreds pages into 1/4" pieces.
  • Super Quiet shredder that is quieter than competitive models.
  • The Non-Stop Jam-Free feature allows continuous shredding preventing jams.
  • ECO Friendly shredder with an energy saving power save mode.
  • Automatic cool-down and power-save mode with automatic wakeup.
  • Shreds with a continuous run time.
  • Self clean and self oil extends shredder life.
  • Includes a 30-gallon pull-out wastebasket with a bin-full indicator and viewing window.
  • Pull out bin for easy emptying; remove waste in a snap.

Shred Specifications
NSA One Hour Durability TestNo
Shred CategoryLarge Office
Cut TypeStrip-cut
Security Level2
Shred Width1/4"
Sheet Capacity (maximum)34
Bin Capacity (gal)30
Feed Opening10"
Shred Speed (Feet/Minute)21
Can ShredCDs, Credit Cards, DVDs, Paper
Continuous MotorYes
Auto OilerNo
Voltage100 - 120v (Standard)
Noise Level (db)55
Dimensions35"H x 21"W x 21"D
WarrantyLifetime on cutter, 2 years on machine
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