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About US

Abhishek Enterprises is a dynamic organization run by experienced professionals in the field of Office Automation products since 2000. We are giving total technical solutions for Office Automation products like Photocopier, Fax, Digital Printer, Projector, Copy Printer, Ceiling mount kit installations, etc. 

With the economic liberalization in India, globalization has become a buzzword of today’s world. Having access to Information and Technology at the right time is the key to success in business. Information Technology plays a vital role in organizational growth and development and in turn, dictates the success of any organization. We are providing complete technical solutions to our customers Copier, Digital Printer, Fax, Projector, Ceiling Mount kit, Scanner, & consumables. 

We provide total solutions of high quality and low cost using state –of – the –art technology. STAFFING STANDARDS: The quality of our technical and customer support services are the number one priority. Fulfillment of this is a prime responsibility of each employee. Every new staff member must complete an oriental program encompassing an overview of corporate service. Each member of our technical staff must have a distinction at the time of employment. In the house, technical training is provided on an ongoing basis. We keep all staff member up to date on the latest technological advances through trade publications and involvement in trade organizations, as well as participating in seminars and training provided by outside vendors. Also, we have a strong marketing team that sells our products & services to a wide variety of clients. We have regular analysis and product positioning. The team works with tough goals, meeting our targets regularly. They approach clients with a helping attitude and always make the client feel he is the boss.

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